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What to wear

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Keep it Simple. A portrait is a timeless piece of art. It is important to avoid wearing clothing that dictates the time. Trends go in and out of style. Stick to wearing clothing that is classic and simple. Clothing that will be fashionable no matter when the portrait is viewed. Avoid clothing with logos, phrases and characters, as it can look less like a portrait and will date the photo. While bright colors are fabulous, avoid harsh neons.

Avoid distracting patterns on clothing. It will detract from your eyes/face, the real center of the photograph!

For families, it is best to coordinate style and color. It’s not necessary to all match, but coordinating clothing can add a lot to your portrait while still allowing each individual family members personality to shine through. Coordinating shades of the same colors are a good idea…or at least stick with all warm colors (reds, oranges, burgundies) or all cool colors (blues, greens), etc.

Newborn babies are best photographed in their birthday suits. Because of their small size and the posing done, clothing tends to swallow up the baby and you lose them among the distracting clothing.

Keep it simple. Comfortable, casual clothes look wonderful in portraits. Try to avoid stiff materials, scratchy lace and bulky outfits. Simple and soft is better.

For girls, simple dresses or capris/shorts/jeans/khakis and little tops with sweet but subtle details are wonderful.

For boys, shorts (denim or khakis), jeans or casual pants are great on bottom while casual shirts are great on top.

Off-white, cream or natural is better than bright white.

Recommendations: GAP, Old Navy, Gymboree, Children’s Place, Carter’s, Target, etc.

Make-up and hair should be subtle and natural unless your session is specifically for a high-fashion look. I will retouch minor blemishes and other skin issues (like infant eczema or baby acne).

If you’re bringing in a newborn or young baby, even if you’re not planning on being in the picture, you should consider bringing a black, long-sleeved T or turtleneck because I can get some amazing images using your arms to support baby and your body as a backdrop.

No sneakers, unless the type of shot calls for it (such as a basketball player in his/her gear). It tends to pull the viewers eye to the feet instead of the face and is very distracting. Bare feet are great! (But wear shoes to the session so they’re clean!)

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me!! I discuss with you your clothing choices and we can find something that will suit you and your family!

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