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About the session
Sessions typically last between 1-2 hours.  Session fees must be paid at time of booking.  Early evening when things cool down and the sun is starting to set is best (5:30 in the summer, 3:30 in the winter).  I try to avoid shooting in midday.

Studio Sessions
I have a small in home studio, located in Parkton, NC. I utilize studio lighting. Studio sessions are reserved for newborns, babies & small children.

Newborn Sessions
Newborn sessions can be easy or they can be challenging!  We are at the will of the baby!  A newborn session can typically last anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours.  Newborn sessions must be scheduled for the first 2 weeks of life (barring unforseen circumstances, please contact me if you have a situation or are unable to book in the early days) in order to get those sleepy, squishy poses.  These sessions require time and patience, but the results are always worth it!

What happens after the session?
After the session, I will come home and immediately load your images/back them up on my computer. I will pick one or two of my favorites to post on facebook that same day! I will also post some during the week while I am editing your session, so be on the lookout (or feel free to friend me on facebook to be immediately tagged!). Your images will be edited within a week and ready for the online gallery!

More Info
Relax. Whether we shoot at my studio or meet on location, I rarely jump in too quickly. I like to let your child get comfortable and we may chat or play for a few moments prior to beginning to shoot. If s/he seems willing and is in excellent spirits, we might start shooting right away.

Be flexible. Sometimes children don’t cooperate for all the clothing choices you’d hoped for or your child may be in a serious mood and not be all-smiles as you’d hoped. You know your child best, of course, but if things don’t work out quite like you’d hoped, I bet we still will have a wonderful result. So many parents have left sessions anywhere from slightly to majorly disappointed in how their child acted, thinking there were no shots they’d love, just to be very pleasantly surprised (even ecstatic!) after seeing their proofs!

Come prepared. Bring bottles, sippies, snacks, binkies, blankies, changes of clothing, burp cloths, lovies, diapers, baby wipes, etc.

Don’t leave baby hungry. Give a bottle or nurse right before leaving for the session. Young baby may get hungry again quickly, so we can take time out for feedings if need be. If your baby is nursing, please feel free to nurse him/her during the session

Don’t come sick. There is no penalty for rescheduling due to illness. Even if you have to cancel 30 minutes prior, I’d rather reschedule and see you and your child when everyone is well. We’ll get better images and have more fun.

Props. I don’t use a ton of props…I have a few but rarely take them to location sessions. If you have anything special you’d like to use, please bring it in. Especially for small babies…special blankets and cute hats are great to add texture to the images.

Please no other cameras, phone cameras or videos taken during the session

All images are registered and protected by US copyright law and may not be scanned, printed, shared or duplicated in whole or in part without the express written permission of Katherine D Photography. Katherine D Photography retains copyright ownership of all images and that it is illegal to reproduce them in any way (printing copies, saving, sharing, scanning, print kiosks, photocopying, downloading from the internet, etc.) without prior written permission.

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  • Julie Pitt · Posted September 18, 2014 at 9:10 am · Link


    I’m looking for a photographer for our pregnancy announcement photo and eventually newborn session.

    We live in Anderson creek in spring lake. I like the idea of doing the announcement photo in a rustic area (not sure if there is one you normally use), but if that doesn’t exist around here be maybe by a lake.

    What is the price for these photos?

    We would want to schedule the announcement photo for October 12th.



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