Month: April, 2009

My niece {Fayetteville, NC Toddler Photographer} Image

My niece {Fayetteville, NC Toddler Photographer}

April 26, 2009

I love this beautiful little girl!!! I wish we could see them more often and my girls just love her! It’s always a blast getting together with family and Miss M is a doll baby. Those eyes!

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Girls12 229ere
Girls12 240ere

Nina {Fayetteville, NC Senior Photographer} Image

Nina {Fayetteville, NC Senior Photographer}

April 23, 2009

I was lucky enough to be able to do this shoot for Nina (and her sister, but I am still going through files!). I got so many great shots! We had a blast and I enjoyed working with you ladies! You can also visit her website at Far & Away.

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Nina&Amy 019ere
Nina&Amy 016ere
Nina&Amy 039ere
Nina&Amy 032ere
Nina&Amy 024ere

Ryker {Fayetteville, NC Toddler Photographer} Image

Ryker {Fayetteville, NC Toddler Photographer}

April 10, 2009

Oh my, aren’t his eyes to die for?? Simply beautiful! I couldn’t help but stare at them when I was editing! Mama, you are going to have to watch out for all those girls coming after him when he gets older, lol!
MalakaiRyker 033ere
MalakaiRyker 028ere
MalakaiRyker 053ere